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Plastic Restore

At AutoGlow, we specialize in rejuvenating your vehicle’s interior and outside with our exceptional plastic restoration services. After some time, exposure to the elements can negatively affect your vehicle’s plastics, leading to fading, discoloration

Under Coating

At AutoGlow, we invest wholeheartedly in offering advanced undercoating services to safeguard your vehicle from the rigors of the street. Our undercoating treatment is an impressive shield, protecting against rust, corrosion, and street debris

Leather Restore

Indulge in the luxury of a pristine vehicle interior with AutoGlow’s excellent Leather Restore services. Our expert technicians understand the art of leather care, seamlessly restoring and reviving your vehicle’s upholstery. From minor scuffs to firmly

Glass Repair

Discover seamless glass repair services at AutoGlow, where expertise meets greatness. Our skilled technicians specialize in restoring clarity and safety to your vehicle’s glass surfaces. Whether it’s a minor chip, crack, or a complete windshield replacement

Rim Repair and Paint

Lift your driving experience by converting the appeal of your cars flawlessly. Our skillful experts utilize advanced procedures to address check harm, scratches, and wear, guaranteeing your rims recover their unique brilliance. Look over color varieties

Peelable Paint

Peelable Paint Service in Dubai, Peelable Paint service

Experience an unrest in customization with our advanced Peelable Paint service. This transformative solution allows you to change your car’s color effortlessly, giving a dynamic, personalized appearance that suits your developing style

Full Car Paint

full car paint services

At AutoGlow, we reclassify car esthetics with our unique Full Car Paint services. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance higher than ever as our skilled professionals meticulously apply great paints, ensuring a flawless and lasting finish

Car colour change with approval

At AutoGlow, we specialize in raising your vehicle’s esthetic appeal through our thorough car color change services, all directed with the necessary approvals. Our master group understands that your car is an extension of your personality

Smart denting and painting

car denting and painting services

Our expert group utilizes cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology to address dents and paint imperfections accurately. Whether it’s minor dings or more significant harm, our bright denting arrangements guarantee a consistent fix process